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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Financial Preparation for Your Baby's Born

You will have a baby? Wow, congratulations. Isn'T you, I will surely participate pleased to hear if there are others who will soon have a new member in the family.

How not? The birth of a baby often give a new spirit in the family. Even the spirit is often even appear around 8 - 9 months previously when the parents get the news of pregnancy from a doctor. And it can be to guess - the happy is when the child is truly born.

What happens next? The longer the baby gets worse. Slowly he has started running. May still tertatih first-tatih, but the long run he has started running even though still quite rigid. Then, in just a few months or years, you will see it run here run there anything that is in the front squall noisy, and you will soon look back when he was still in your stomach. Like now.

As a Financial Planner, if you have a baby who may not have been born, there is no other that I can do except advise you to prepare financial families in the birth of a baby is welcome.

Why you must prepare financial commemorate birth? Clearly I, when the child is still in your stomach, every one or two times a month you should go to your uterus examined a medical specialist womb. That takes money. Then when you give birth, it also takes costs. Not to use the tool if the birth, induction and caesar operation, the cost can be greater.

Then you also have to spend money to buy all kinds of baby equipment. Start from the pushcart, clothes (which will quickly subside as your child grows the most from day to day), milk bottles, pampers, and so forth.

Even not only that. With the news of pregnancy from a doctor, may also have time for you both to evaluate the habits of the family again for this, because this is the time to increase savings in the family.

Below, I will provide some financial steps you need to do this at the time when you are welcome the birth of a baby.

    1. Immediately decide where you will be delivered, and check costs.

       This is important so that you can find out how much the estimated cost of labor that you may remove it. Options where the birth is usually two: the Hospital / Clinic or General Hospital / maternity clinics.

       Not only that, you also need to choose a location. That is whether the hospital is far from you. Most families often choose a location close to the maternity where. No problem. It is important, after you choose a location, try to contact them to check how much the estimated cost is required when you want to do labor there.

       If necessary, do a small tour to that place to see a friendly atmosphere. It is important for you to feel comfortable when you make a change in that place. If you do not have a personal vehicle, make sure you are budgeting for transportation at the time of childbirth (rental car, taxi, or ambulance).

    2. Check whether your Maternity Costs borne by the office / place of work you or your husband.

       If indeed, yes, if replaced entirely? Or only some? That way you can estimate how much that must cost you prepare for childbirth. If you also need to check whether the replacement will also change the fees that you pay for visits to the doctor womb.

    3. Start saving to commemorate the birth of that.

       If the office does not provide a replacement, then you and your husband need to set up their own funds that confinement. There are two ways to save money that can be used. The first is to save regularly each month. The second is to save only once. How both can be used at this time if you already have a number of funds that can be used.

       To where you can save your money? There are only two investment products that I recommend: the first is savings. This is because the savings will not diminish the value and can be taken at any time.

       When you invest only once, then you may be able to insert your money to the second alternative investment, namely deposits. You can choose short-term deposits with short-time short course, such as time deposits within one week. Thus, each once a month you can evaluate whether you will still put your money in the deposit, or retrieve it when needed.

    4. Start saving for your baby.

       Not only the cost of labor you need to prepare. It is also important that you prepare all kinds of funds for this purpose during the baby's first few months, such as soap, powder, baby oil, shampoo, clothes and others. Meanwhile, the cost needs day-to-day costs such as milk and baby food, should be included in your monthly budget day-to-day.

    5. Take life insurance.

       If your husband is the only breadwinner in the family, suggest he to life insurance. Life insurance can be used to pay for the expenses of families due to death of the breadwinner. And most importantly, the santunan life insurance can also change the payment for labor and all kinds of expenses for your baby later.
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