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Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Reason for NOT Saving

There is No Reason for NOT Saving, if you always say like this
"I do not want to have a savings account to save money. The problem is, I'm running out of money to continue..."
"I have to buy shoes for my children..."
"I need to buy this and that ..."
"Ah, I really not talented to manage money ..."
Words in the above may be familiar to your ear, or perhaps you own said that. You may want to save money, but in practice, it is difficult to do. You always run out of money at the end of the month so you can not save. Whether you are a person like that?
Do not be grieving. Saving (investing on a regular basis) is often done for various purposes. However, if you set aside money regularly, then the money you collect can be very useful.
Someone who has revenue of US$ 1,000 per month, for example, after a year to save the account balance only US$ 200 in the account. Once asked why the amount of the balance of the account only works after a year, he said incomes are often exhausted in use in a month. So, he can not save.
In fact, if he wants to save as much as US$ 100 per month only, then at the end of the year he will have a number of the account balance of US$ 1,200 plus interest.
Whether a situation like this is quite familiar in your ear??
Improving and Press
I will tell a way for you. If during this first you always spend money so that you always run out of money to save, now why do not you reverse the process?
When you get your salary at day 25 in one month, first part of the money for your save, then spent the rest. When you do that regularly, then after a year, you will already have a large amount of savings.
When you do so, then you have no more reason for you to not save money. It's possible that the money you spend can be reduced. But that is the consequences: You need to have a certain amount of funds as a backup for your future.
For example, your income was US$ 1,000 per month. You usually spend US$ 1,000 or up. Now, with your save US$ 100 per month in advance, the total expenses you only live US$ 900 per month.
When you feel the amount is not enough, then you must do one of three options below:
1. Increase your revenue. In the above example, the income US$ 1,000 increased to US$ 1,100. With you still save Rp 100 thousand, then you are not spending more US$ 900, but return to US$ 1,000.
2. Pressing your spending. In the example above, you are willing to push your expenditure from US$ 1,000 to US$ 900
3. Do both, that is, the increase in income while the cost of living. In the above example, you can increase your revenue to US$ 1,100 and the your expenditure to US$ 900. Thus, you have even a greater difference for saving!
It's up to you, which of the three ways before you want to select. The most important, you need to familiarize them to save money. In this case, if you have difficulties to save because they always run out, you can save money in advance so you get the revenue.
Always remember: You need to reserve funds for the period-the presumed future.
Where to save?
There are many options that you can use as a place to save money. One place to save the most popular people are a savings bank. Excess savings is that the funds in the savings can be taken whenever you want. Weakness is that the savings at this time, generally in the savings bank only gives a small profit.
In addition, you may also save money by buying gold. When you save as much as, say, US$ 200 per month, you may be able to buy gold, which is in accordance with the value of money you save. At this time, many gold coins are available that can be purchased with the amount of one gram only.
Alternatively, you can also save money in the form of investments such as Mutual Funds. Mutual funds are a form of investment where the money you save will be managed by a team of Investment Managers to invest in various investment products. To be able to invest in Mutual Funds, can be started with the amount of funding requirements at US$ 100 or more
Clearly, there are several options if you want to save money. Why not get started?
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