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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Afraid the Life Insurance?

Some time ago, we had shocked with the bankrupt a life insurance company Manulife Financial by the court. Manulife Financial is one of the largest insurance joint venture. That is, the company that made the modal joins between local and foreign. Manulife Financial is a company that came from Canada that has a fairly good reputation in Australia and overseas.

Can not be denied, the case of Manulife Financial's impact with the Life Insurance policies. Even some members of the public who have to be anti-life insurance, because they think that life insurance companies of Manulife Financial can bankrupt, how about the other companies?

Now the question, whether you also have to be anti against Life Insurance? The answer is no. Correct, the incident should make us be more careful in selecting companies Life Insurance.

I do not say that the insurance company that just bankrupt yesterday not selected as the insurance companies. But in my opinion, the case itself has not been completed, and the actual company Manulife Financial is not eligible for the bankrupt. There are many factors that play a role in bankrupt, because the actual company Manulife according to my own - is a company that is still feasible chosen by those who want to insure themselves.

I have a story that might be interesting to make you think twice. There is one family that I often see the public bus accidents, and even he had experienced the events themselves a bus accident. I was with the attitude to not stop for the traveling public with the bus, but now he is more careful in choosing public bus.

Before the accident befall him, he only saw the public bus from the outside only, or from people just waffle. But now that he is the first public bus company's reputation, and he even memorize the names of all bus companies that often have accidents.

This second view is that he drives. If the driver still young, he prefers not to ride the bus. He estimates the young driver is usually mischievous. Meanwhile, if a driver is aged, he felt more secure because it is usually those who have aged will more careful.

Of course, choose Life Insurance Company can not be equated with the selected bus. But my attitude earlier relatives who want to learn from the mistakes imitated.

Therefore, it is actually selected in the Life Insurance Company, one of which is the rate reputation. Reputation we can be the value of three things, namely:
Reputation Service

How to assess the reputation of service, one way is to approach your own insurance company's office. Score the services provided when you come to the company. With these companies to own then you can know the quality of services, such as what you'll find when you must come alone soon, for example, in managing your insurance money.

Reputation Finance

Reputation Finance rate is the rate financial report that the company can ask you or you sees in the print media and in electronic media. Score the how big the company is the strength of capital compared with the other company. Also how good the value of cash flow from the company. In the world of insurance, the technical term or RBC Risk Based Capital. This is a way to assess your health insurance company.

Choose a company that has a RBC Insurance 120 percent or more. If you are confused what it is however, just ask any insurance company's RBC is your insurance agent to you. If more than 120 percent, that means good. Less than that, better find another.

Reputation Owners and Management

Note also what the majority owner and the manager who's your Insurance Company. See if they have a deplorable reputation in the community. Indeed, sometimes it may look a bit subjective, but does not have one if you know who the owners and managers who your insurance company. If they have a deplorable reputation, avoid.

Other tips, if you select a company joint venture Life Insurance, you can see how the reputation of foreign companies in various other countries. Your insurance agent usually has a collection of news about how the reputation of foreign companies in a number of other countries.

And if you choose a local Life Insurance company (not the joint venture), then choose the company that has a reputation of "resistant rock," a company that is quite old and have been through various crises. If the company's Life Insurance is a part of a large business group (conglomerate), then also try to see how the performance of large business groups. This is because sometimes, the loss one of the companies in the large business group can influence the mutual benefits and losses from other companies that are in the business group.
Of course, these tips can not be over a simple guarantee that you will choose Life Insurance Company the right, but at least it can help you reduce the risk of not paid your claim by the insurance company. The most important thing, then you should not be afraid to participate in insurance.


Manulife I as far as one is an insurance company that is quite good. RBC is above 120 percent. If you came to office in Jakarta, they have room service a customer well enough. Products vary, and Manulife own reputation in other countries is also quite good. Therefore, if there is a problem bankrupt like yesterday, showing the suspicion of other factors that get involved.

Please note, the case itself is not complete, because there is still appeal to the Supreme Court. However, if the Supreme Court later decided bankrupt Manulife remains, then do not be afraid your claim is not paid in Manulife. The psychological, Manulife Canada certainly does not want to own the name bad. Right? They will pay your claim. If they do not pay, it certainly will be highlighted and their insurance business in other countries will surely also affected.

However, when the Supreme Court revoked the decision bankrupt Manulife and they are allowed to operate again, and then my advice is doing not be afraid to insurance with Manulife. Why not? Their service is quite good; however it’s a good, reputable company in the country..
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