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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Discount Offer; Go or Not?

What makes people interested to come to a discount? In fact, there is solitary pleasure when people come to the location of the discount. Before economy crisis, many people who deliberately go to another country only to come to the location of the discount. Our neighboring countries, Singapore, for example, often make The Great Singapore Sale. Similarly, many people who live in Bandung or Surabaya, which is specific only to come to Jakarta because the sale is heard. Then, why do people want to buy goods in the event a discount? Simple, to get the goods with a value, but with a cheaper price than value.

Sellers often hold events with a variety of discount theme: Wash Warehouse, Discount Start Year, End Year Discount, Discount Independence Day, Ramadan Discounts, Lebaran Discount, and Christmas Discounts. Outside the country with four seasons, a theme often used is the summer sale, sale winter, autumn sale, and the spring sale. Also often used the theme Closing Down Sale, Mid Year Sale, Christmas Sale, and others.

Event discount (sale) is one of the campaign strategy used by traders. An event can usually discount sales up very quickly.

Below are tips for those who want to buy goods using the discount program.

Do not come to the location where the event open a discount when not in mood. People come to events when the discounts are often not hungry mood and purchase of goods which actually is not needed, because only the price factor, not because of the need.

Provide a special time when the event comes to discount. Do not be a push by the time the rash. If you hurry, you usually will not be careful in overseeing the quality of goods purchased. Often happens, many people go home and realize that the new goods that just bought is not suitable, such as clothes that are too small in size, or quality of the clothes are bad.

Before buying the goods in the discount program, ask yourself whether you really need an item? Do not buy goods you do not need, just because the cheaper price. Discount is the discount, but the trade transaction should occur because of the demand of goods by you as a buyer, not because the price is cheap.

For one type of goods, that can be used to compare the price with other places that sell the same goods. Compare, and buy the cheapest. That is important to provide a special time when the event comes to a discount. Do not buy goods at the sale location when you actually do not know how normal price, both in the store or shop in the other.

If you can, make a relationship with the shop owners. Indicate that you are a loyal customer in the store. If you do not have to buy goods there, show that you always come to the store. The fact, if you must leave the place to do comparison, you can hold goods that you want to buy it so that people not be taken. Another advantage, when there is no discount event, you can request a special discount to the store owners, and usually he would be reluctant to reject you because you are a loyal customer.

Examine the quality of goods. Make a difference between value and price. Value of goods is how much the quality of the goods you receive. While, the price is how much you pay. Compare the price you pay for the value you get. If the price you pay equal or less than the value of the goods you receive, then buy the goods. Do not buy goods if the value was less than the amount of the price you pay. Once again, the precise quality of the goods, and make sure the values you will enjoy from the purchase of these goods
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