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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Economy Crisis, Learning on Investing

It seems that a new word in the years 1997-1998 and we expect to no longer say we should be back. Krismon, the most popular words spoken in the year at this time back there in the middle of the community. While many observers say that the economic situation is different with the time 10 years ago, but worries remain the same someone that is how wit my investment?

Some clients who have signed me start calling, some ask what to do to this situation? What about the investment that is running? What happens to the investment that down?


The most frequently issued at this time is not panic. This magic word to be a very often spoken from the Customer until Serive bank with our President. Many reasons can make people panic, and of course many reasons that can be also issued to counter it. As a financial planner who also said this to remove some of my clients who are confused should go to any of the investment. But of course this statement is not without reason out.

Every client we have signed a purpose to invest in, and of course the selection of investment products portfolio is determined by their financial goals. If we have set up a portfolio with both, we should not need to panic with this situation. Reason I simply, at this time the current investment ideas with the investment risk is high and the results are high for example, stock mutual funds and stocks. In an investment portfolio, this product is usually a product for the purpose of long-term; it means we still need the investment in a long period of time, say 10 years. So if the need still far why should we panic with the situation now? Fear of loss? Yet you will not be loss if you do not make a loss at this time (stock or mutual funds sold in redeem). So if we have a portfolio of investment products that is right for high-risk long-term, at this time we should be happy because with the amount of investment that we have the same unit or the inclusion of a larger share. But what about the investment risk is low and middle-us? Nah this is a new problem. Since we will need investment of our products more quickly than long-term investment, then we need to panic with our investment. But the government seems to have been correctly anticipated. Medium-term investment products and tailored shorts with a lopsided result so that the investment does not fall down by the crisis. Tribal raised short-term deposit, bonds issued with an interest to compete so why panic?

Calm, rational and clear

President SBY in his speech one of the people must remain Calm, rational and clear. I try to analyze the three terms in the context of investment as part of financial planning

1. Calm

When we have invested in making the right investment products like stocks, mutual funds or whatever it only as a means and not as a goal, then we should remain calm. Like the vehicle, the vehicle at this time we may be in trouble because of the influence from the outside. Indeed, our journey to reach the goal become a little slow, but it does not mean I will not be achieved. If the goal is still far away, this obstacle can we use to evaluate in order to achieve the goal. For example, if first you can not buy blue chip stocks because the price is very high, then this is the time. Or first you can only dream to have one unit inclusion Reksadana nab superior because it is too high, so at this time it can be realized. So keep calm, take the impact of this crisis.

2. Rational

This may be confusing enough, what rational relationship with my investment? Here, we are eligible for was-was the development of our investment. Imagine the first time we have to invest a dollar spent due to the crisis that we live with half of investment. In order not to go down, then the investment is to be drawn. This is when we put one and select investment products. If you invest in products with high results and high risk for short-term goals, then would not need this you should do. But when you have the right to invest for the long-term investing in high-risk products and high results, then this is only a small fluctuation that will occur in the long journey our investment. Should not we pull our investments because we have not yet need it, if you have to do that they may have been wrong to take the product, or they are not investors, but traders who get hit the job right. So we must be rational, focus on that goal and do not want to reach the affected people have been wrong or trader.

3. Clear

For what we invest? How long is our goal? Do we really need to take the money at this time? Perhaps this question we must ask more before we act. Our objective for the pension, is still 10 years ahead, and I do not need the funds at this time, the crisis is more, this is not a problem because my investment in the product, so why should be? Fear of loss? Of course you will be really interesting when you loss. But the investment does not make you profit, you still on the road. Can not return to the original price? You remember back to invest in products that provide high lopsided result so it is not difficult to return the product to the initial position in 10 years. So my advice, get fresh before we take a decision. Do not just up to us to be playing the speculator who takes advantage of the knowledge us.
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