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Friday, May 29, 2009

Love and Money

The only male female relationship in this time have a lot of shifting values. How should we not want to face the fact that the materialistic world and each person become more individualist? Our first parents era, each pair has to understand the natural course that is male breadwinner and the wife at home. Cultural life in accordance with the simple description is the ability to live happy, so that for each married couple who will not each too much of how the financial future. This is boosted with the cultural taboo to discuss the various practices of money before marriage. Money is still just something that is considered the symbol of evil and greed. That is when we discuss fear about money. So that intimacy does not wonder if the relationship between men and women can be changed 180 degrees after the marriage, because so many surprises that are not imagine before. One is the habit of using money previously not known.

So before you both decide to proceed to stage your wedding for a marriage, there are a few things about money that you need to know as a pair.

"If we love one another we will not quarrel for the money"

Based on the experience of verbal consultation with the client's husband and wife pair, I can infer. Money may only have a relationship with love, but that is very in touch with you the many squabbling. No matter the size of the love you never the husband or wife. If both of you can not bridge the difference of views about money, and forcing them to take financial decisions that can not accommodate the feelings of one another, will have problems in your relationship. Love was not able to overcome everything, because if the case is not the marriage ended with divorce. Love that brings you to create levels of intimacy and marriage for several years thereafter. However, wedding need more than love. So let's think a moment and understand some of the following facts:

* How you spend your money is not related to how you love one another
You both are raised differently, so that money is also way to treat the different
* What is money for you is not always the same with your partner
How you shop may also differ from one another

The facts that this is happening in most pairs and make a difference on the money from both of you. So that is very reasonable if contend because the money is not because they do not love, but because of differences in line.

"If we do not discuss the issue of money, everything will work well"

Many candidates think that the pair did not discuss the problem with the money then they will not have any financial problems. In fact many people avoid the financial problems with it; hope will be completed by itself. People even prefer to discuss only silent because of fear of a quarrel about money. But what may look for a way out of a problem if we do not even want to discuss. Therefore if you are not immediately familiarize myself to start talking about money problems so you can both go bankrupt. The destiny indeed comes from God, but He did not send it directly to your account.

So where we start? It's easy. Like almost all aspects of life, the place we start managing our finances well is from the house. The meaning is you and your partner should begin talking about money together. For many couples who are still reluctant to discuss this matter. Only a few of us in the big two where parents can discuss the problem with free money to one another - with the children on the table. Consequently, many of us do not know how to manage family finances, do not even know how talk start - even with a pair of his life alone!

Talk about the Money Is Not Forbidden

The fact that we are not raised in the environment in which to discuss the taboo about money is indeed a tragedy. Consequently, many problems of marriage are also triggered because many couples are reluctant to discuss and tend to hide financial problems. Finally, many couples who can not cooperate in overcoming financial problems. If it is not forced to follow the will pair a more dominant, so they can be run separately. In fact, if each pair would work together, they even get the results several times better than if done alone. So do not hesitate, any financial purpose, any financial issues, working with partner providing the encouragement and the spirit of the idea that there is no effort to make the utmost achievement of financial goals become much easier.
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