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Monday, May 18, 2009

Requirement for Take Credit Card Application

We will talk about how the terms of a loan in the bank. You will be asked submit a copy identity such as ID cards, driver's license, or passport. You are also requested to fill out a form of savings that contain personal ID yourself. The goal is that the Bank has the correct information, so that they can identify yourself as a legitimate and entitled to perform transactions from your account.

That is, if you want to save money in the bank. Now what if you want to borrow money from the bank? Here, the bank as a loan fund called the creditor and the borrowing of funds from the bank called the debtor.

Requirements to apply for credit in the bank are not expected by people. Even the terms actually quite easy. But of course, there is more data that must be completed than if you open a savings account. This is only fair. You certainly do not want to lend money to the board if any person does not believe that your money will be returned. Like others, if you give as gifts or donations.

Nah, to assess whether the candidates are given credit worthy borrowers, the bank must get the information correct and accurate, such as the character of the debtor, the funds held at this time, the influence of economic conditions at this time against the debtor, the security submitted, and many more.

More or less the same as you, the bank also received a proposal in which the credit entry implement the principles lend money. This is required by the banking in Indonesia, even in the world.

Remember that every cent of which was distributed to the public by the bank is owned by the community as well. For each client funds that are saved in the bank, the bank promised to return it to the customer at any time following the interest rates. Because the bank always performs a range of credit analysis to assess the feasibility of the credit will be given to prospective customers.

Anyone can submit a bank providing credit to qualify. In general, the debtor bank divides into two major groups, the individual debtor and the debtor company (once again, is the debtor who borrowed money from the bank).

The following are the requirements that banks are required from each group.

Individual debtor

Individual debtor consists of a variety of professional backgrounds. Can be doctors, artists, civil servants, clothing designer, architect, private employees, vendors, and others. Each profession has something special for themselves by the bank divided into three groups, namely entrepreneurs, employees, and professionals.

Requirements that are required for each individual debtor is, in general, is the same as:

1. Copy identification (ID card, driver's license, or passport)

2. Copy marriage certificate (for married)

Bank asks for a copy of marriage certificate for the debtor who is already married to see if the property is a property guaranteed husband-wife or not, so that both husband and wife or debtor approval and can take part responsible for the property to the guaranteed following a number of bank debt.

3. Copy card family.

Same as number 2 above and also to determine whether the prospective borrowers also bear the cost of living money other than himself.

4. Account newspaper, copy / copy or checking account in a bank savings book anywhere between 6 s and d last 3 months.

Data Bank is required to perform financial analysis the debtor candidate, so it can be measured in how much revenue can be a debtor to pay the loan installment every month.

5. Copy salary slip and a letter from the company's work.

This requirement only applies to prospective borrowers who work in a company, government or private sector. The goal is to ensure that prospective borrowers are working there and have a fixed income every month.

Business / Company

Debtor in the form of a body corporate includes a business such as CV, PT, firm, and others. Requirements that are required are:

1. Copy of the identity of the management company (director & trustee)

2. Copy NPWP (Main Number assessable)

3. Copy SIUP (Surat Ijin Usaha Perdagangan)

4. The Copy Company's Akte Notaris

5. Copy TDP (Company Registration Number)

Points number 1 s / d 5 will be used by the bank to check the validity / legality of what is listed on the deed to the field of business, all of the license and tax obligations to the country.

6. Copy newspaper account / giro or savings book at any bank for 6 s / d last 3 months.

7. Other financial data, such as balance sheet, profit loss report, the sale & purchase of notes daily, and other bookkeeping data.

Points number 6 and 7 are used to perform various Bank financial analysis of prospective the debtor. Competence in the debtor to pay back debts will analyzed from various sides, such as: ability to pay back debt in the short term, management capacity and effectiveness in managing resource held, the ability to print in return, and so forth.


When a loan to the bank, usually you will be asked to guarantee a property that you own the bank so if you can not afford to make repayments, the bank will foreclose the property you are guarantee instead of money you borrow. Of course, the value of goods that guarantee must be greater or at least should be the same as the value of money you borrow.

Assurance required by the Bank Credit for Home Ownership is usually home to be purchased it. Car Ownership in the Credit, the car will be purchased it is usually made the guarantee.

While for the Business Credit, the required insurance is usually more varied, such as land, houses, shop, apartment, vehicle, factory and others.

To assess whether the proposed collateral eligible for the guarantee the Bank will assess the proposed re-insurance, usually the Bank has its own team of assessors in the insurance rate, although it sometimes is also a bank wearing a team from outside the insurance assessors.

Well, hopefully with this description you will not need to hesitate to borrow money from banks. Whether it needs to buy a house, car, business capital, and so forth.
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