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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Retirement Investment

Dear U-A
I’m an employees in a company in Jakarta, 31 years and have one children. I have some small pieces of stock-based company construction and agribusiness. Then I also have a few mutual funds in one of the invest manager. I have some questions that are still up with my investment.

First am I have enough stock in the field of construction and agribusiness for the preparation of the future / my retirement? Second, if we are already planning a RD investment growth target each year for the preparation of pension provision in the appropriate direction you say at the book "a preparation period of retirement" and the target slip 2-3 years in a row (because fluctuations tend to nab you down), how the attitudes I next? Stay forward on RD investment manager page or change the investment managers? And the third is whether I need to get a bonus each of my office invested entirely in the RD to override the reserve fund?

So this is my question, thank you.


What you do now is actually good, where you have the need to prepare for retirement later. Well, in the conduct of investment there are several things that need to be consistent so that the needs and capabilities to set it up. First, set the first Financial Goals you want to achieve in the future including the time period and also the value. Then all of the products also learned that there is outside investment there and adjust the points first. The longer the period of time, you can take that risk investment product with high expectations following the result was high. But if a short period of time such as only one of two years, then I have one I use your product more secure investments, such as deposits or money market mutual funds.

Now to answer your question first, whether the prospective shareholders to be able to have as a pension investment preparation. You see the stock collection at this time, which is a stock company and the construction agribusiness, mm ... we see that this country will still continue to build all kinds of infrastructure that is required, which of course they still need the company construction so many investors are still will embed funds in the company. As well as agribusiness, where India in place as one of the main suppliers of various commodities to be processed into new energy. Thus, because the demand is, stock prices can be increased will participate in the long term,. But I also I have one also, if you invest through Mutual Funds shares.

Now, what if your target investment fumbles? In making the investment it is difficult to guess exactly how the future because it's all related to social conditions, economic and political, but it does not mean you can not overcome. One way is to make a move (switching) from one species to other investment. But of course once you find out what factors are causing the target was not reached.
If it's outside the company's investment, I suggest you do not need to move within 1 year. This is because the conditions will be expected soon and the value of the investment will return to the track. But if it's in the company that was not good in the management of the funds, then I have to move one to the other fund managers, the Investment Manager to the other may be better.

Third, what with the bonus earned? You must enjoy that. However all items in the financial family, use about 30 % to pay first installment (also if you have one). Then capture 20-30 percent more to invest in mutual funds. And the rest can be spent to buy new clothes, roads or whatever. Yet you also need refreshing after all this time working?
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