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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Investment Strategies to Reach Your Benefit

Active or passive investment strategies, both of them entail determined decisions and responsibilities. On one hand, you can dedicate
a lot of your time determining which are the best choices. On the other hand, you can simply delegate that responsibility to a company that is specialized in international investment strategy plans.

There are many of them, who specialize in stock investment strategy, property investment strategy, retirement investment strategy, among many others. Either way, it is important to know more about international investment, so let's find out what is it exactly.
What Is International Investment?
International investment is the act of putting your money in assets that are located outside the United States. This branch of investment has generated a great deal of interest among investors since it permit's them to place their capital at locations that may generate higher profits for them.

An additional advantage is that, since the American market for determined goods is already overexploited, it provides a new "route of escape" for all those investors who aren't willing to invest their money in markets with too many barriers. For example, consumer products or telecommunications.
Objectives Of International Investment
Once you have decided to leave behind the domestic market and incursionate in other continents, you need to determine your objectives. It isn't as simple as saying "I want to invest in China". There are three variables that need to be considered before doing this. These variables are growth, safety and income.

In investment planning, the objective of growth is capital gain. For example, let's say that you are interested in making your capital grow, but do not need the money right now. So, you may buy shares from a Fortune 500 company and wait some years until you have reached your objective. Only when you reach it, you will sell your stock, and, ergo, your investment plus gains.

Another objective is safety. Many people see international investment as an excellent way of providing them a constant flux of income. As a matter of fact, millions of people around the world use it as their main source of revenue. What's the purpose of killing yourself at work when you can earn enough money through your investments? That way you can dedicate to things that may not provide you with a lot of money, but that can be more satisfying.

So, let's say that your passive investment strategies includes companies that put your money in relatively safe international investments. One interesting option is provided by governments. As in the case of the US Government who issues bonds for financing determined projects, other democracies in the world do the same thing. Countries like Germany, France and England emit government bonds for their own use. The same thing happens with corporations. Transnationals like EADS, Philips or Nestle are very interesting options.

Finally, there is the issue of income. In the case of income, your prime interest is to obtain the biggest amount of money, without taking into consideration the risk that may entail. In order to do that, individuals need to look for opportunities with a low investing rating, but with a great potential for monetary gain.
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