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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Life Insurance is A Priority

The function of insurance is as protection of financial risk on the possibility of natural occurrence that is not planned. So, that should be seen if someone need insurance or not is to see the financial risk of what will happen when the case of natural. If the parties are subject to the financial condition, it should insure soul. But if he/she does not have insurance, then have a life insurance guaranteed is the priority.

But, that should be protected is a living for his live, not his/her incomes. If we only a person who celibate but still have to work with. Because of the stag and does not bear the burden of other people, then the revenue is only for him/herself. If there is such as dies, then no party subject to financial conditions. That's mean you must find guaranteed life insurance.

This logic can also be used in determining the amount of insurance money that should be taken. If the fee is too large, take the insurance money can make at least needs to be able to get a substitute for living. For example, living for several months until his wife could have a job. Or until children reach adults age and can find them living.
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