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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Short Term Investments, Which Are Best?

If you need to make money quickly, consider short term investments. Short term investments allow you to invest an amount of money at a high yield interest rate, and gain access to the return sooner rather than later.
There are several short term investment options out there, and the key to making money successfully is finding the best short term investments. And that starts with learning the answer to the question you probably have: what are short term investments?

Defining Short Term Investments
A short tern investment fund is a fund that earns you a return on your money in a short period of time, such as one to ten years. This is different than retirement investing, and it can be a challenge to find short team, high yield investments. Good short term investments will have a high interest rate, allowing you to earn substantial money immediately.

The Need for Short Term Investments
You might need short term investments if you have a pressing need coming up in the near future. If, for example, you might need to have a down payment for a house or car in a year or two, you could make use out of short term investment options. Also, you might use this type of fund in replacement of a traditional savings account, because you will earn a higher rate of return. Some even choose to use short term investment funds to supplement their retirement income.

How to Use Short Term Investments
If you are interested in short term investments, talk to your financial advisor. He or she can tell you what the best short term investment opportunity you can use will be. Then, invest your money, and leave it alone. Allow it to gain interest for the course of the investment period. When the fund comes to term, you will have earned interest on the money you invested.

Decide what amount of your total income you are willing to invest in your fund. Most people are comfortable with investing around ten percent of their total income. Then, choose the investment to use. It is best to take the amount and invest it into one particular investment. Your long term investments are where diversification is helpful.
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