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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three FOREX Methods and Concepts

The following are the three important forex methods and concepts:

When you trade foreign exchanges certain values are ascertained to the currency prices. Those values are referred as pips. The more number of pips you gain the higher are your profits. For example if you have allotted .1 $ value for a pip and you gain 10 pips on that day then your profit can be calculated by multiplying the value of a pip with the total number of pips gained i.e. 10* .1 $ =1 $

Volume refers to the extent of trade activities that take place on one particular day. In other words it denotes the amount of money transacted during the day. These volumes are dependent on how busy the exchanges are working. Whenever there is break or less business the volume will be less. Since people work by taking different time zones into account the volume of these exchanges always tend to be very high.

Buying and Selling
They constitute the core activities. You must always buy foreign exchanges when the prices decline sharply and sell them when they increase rapidly in a stock exchange. However these activities take place differently in a foreign exchange. The buyers will get the currencies after anticipating the fall in price but they will also sell it at a lower price on the assumption that prices will further fall so they can buy them back at a very lower price.
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