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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reduce Education Cost with Insurance and Savings

Towards the new academic year, the parents will got headache each face costs of education are no longer cheap. Lack of education for the future becomes a shadow of bad parents.

Data UNDP (United Nations Development Program) shows, the quality of human resources in Indonesia is ranked 109 out of 174 UN member countries. Indonesia's position is under the Vietnam and several African countries.

This situation worsened with the number of children dropping out of school, mainly because of economic reasons. Without adequate cost, children, Indonesia is not powerless to continue education. High cost of education, the belief that education is a luxury, because for most people, the cost of education still seize the jumbo so difficult to fulfill. Especially for the middle to bottom with limited finances. This raises a big social impact, they will find life on the streets, than to have to school.

Facts on the bitter reality. Besides not eating and drinking needs, education is also occupy important positions. Yes, education determines the future of children in particular and determines the quality of human resources in general. And in the era of high technology such as now, the education that is able to become a savior best. Of course, as parents, we do not want children can not afford to balance themselves in the association and a career as a background study.

Therefore, anticipate the high cost of education is, according to Drs. Undang Suryana, MM, Dean of Faculty of Economics Ibn Khaldun Bogor, one way is to fund education to prepare far the previous day.

"Do not prepare a sudden the school fund, and eventually shocked with a money base that sky, so that your child failed the school forward," said the author of micro-economy.

Acts suggest the form of insurance and savings education program as the anticipation. There may be confusion over this, or did not need, or lazy-related insurance because the process for making a part of. However, insurance has become a modern financial management instruments to prepare since the early financial planning for his/her holder. Also savings, which is one way to overcome the conditions that completely erratic. The problem, how do we find a suitable financial institution, prospective, and credible, so avoid unnecessary risks.

Insurance Education

Insurance education is the cost of insurance plus investment in education. This function has any insurance protection and investment. Functions bear the risk protection that is up to the policyholders if the promised amount of money that a Force Major, the death, for example. Insurance money is provided in accordance with the cost of education for children that have been agreed upon in the policy. From an investment, with the premium paid on a regular basis, policyholders will receive the benefits of insurance when taken at appropriate time and in accordance with the needs that have been planned.

While education is a passbook savings account that is specifically designed by the bank. Customers too periodically and automatically to an account of the time period in accordance with the schedule of education of children. The amount of savings each month is calculated from the target of the selected fund education to ensure the availability of funds. The bank is also working with the insurance company to ensure that deposit the customer experience continues even outside of the incident alleged as natural, exposed PHK (Termination of Employment Relations), death (while children are still small), an accident that causes disability so difficult to get a job ( not more productive).

Select the appropriate savings income

Savings and insurance education is required, but it does not mean you away in a hurry to take decision. This clearly requires a mature mind, not until the case is considered a solution even happened otherwise. Select and think about good things:
1. Take insurance and savings facilities in accordance with the specification of needs, do not attracted with ads / campaigns that arouse. Remember, this long-term investment, not the things that once felt so direct hit or loss.
2. Determine what education you want for your children. If this is already done, you will know how the budget should be spent. You will know whether the funds will be used and can be used directly on time.
3. After selecting the insurance / savings education, complete data family, especially his wife and children as beneficiaries. Insurance policy or Save the file in a safe place and known by the heir. Do not forget to ask the staff of insurance and savings to explain how the heir to the insurance claim procedures and savings if the case of natural.
4. If all the preparation and consideration has been carried out, do not forget to pay premiums or make savings on time, keep proof of payment will be required at the time of claim. You also do not depend on the premium, but for self discipline.

"School is an expensive investment, so prepare yourself for the future since early childhood, in order to achieve education at the high. Think baked, is a wise before making a decision. So that the future of children will be save, "said Undang close the conversation.
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