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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three Basic Rule to Running The Business

Hopefully after reading any posts, you will be motivated to want to run the business. Why not? Business is one way you can do in order to increase revenue, isn’t it?

Well, if you now think: "Approximately interesting idea is also to open a business. Okay, now if I decide to open a business, about what important things should I look? Want to engage I just failed in business....".

I remember when about two weeks ago, I read any posts from a businessman in one of Indonesia. He says, "If you open a business, then what you should do is just do ...." I think that is correct also. Many of us that when a business will often stumble on the activities that are calculated measure such as, "What about this business I can hit ya ... Try me count the first ...".

In fact, I calculated anything. Action survey before you make a business can not do anything. But unfortunately, often many of us are too old feasibility survey on the problems of business and the countdown until we become lost in the emotions that are required to open the business.

My suggestion, when you already intend to open a business, it does not matter if you want a survey or countdown event-count first. But, not until you take action that makes you so temporize delay action to open a business.

Well, before you open a business, there are 3 important things you should know in the business. To-3 if this is your run, that the risk of failure in your business can be more. Is not that what we all want?

1. Search for Creative Capital Resources
Do you find it difficult business capital? Are you too heavy to pay interest on bank credit business? If the answer to both is yes, then you may need to explore alternative sources of cheap capital. How? Among others, may be with relatives or friends invite you to infuse capital in your business, or even two you can even open a business in joint venture and run it together.

Other alternative, try a loan of money from relatives or close friends nearby. Because generally they have to know you and understand your goal to open a business. So they may be willing to provide loan money to the interest rate below the bank interest or even no interest.

But remember, even though the brother, whose name remains something borrowed must be returned, including borrowing money. Do not even up to your relationship with relatives or friends will be broken because of money problems.

2. Location and human resources
Location is one of the important factors that need to be in a business. It's a business that was established in a suitable location, but not fit in other places. Business cafe and photocopying may be appropriate for the environment around the campus, but to open the store notions might be more suitable for residential areas. Therefore, do a survey to find the appropriate place for your business. Check market conditions, the potential demand, and do not forget to also search for information on how the development of the area to the front, as this can influence your business.

Another factor is human resources (HR). Human resources becomes very important because this is what will drive your business day-to-day later. When you start this business alone will not may be a problem too. But, if you recruit employees in your business, you must be concerned about the personality and abilities. If your employees will be dealing directly with your customers, choose the person courteous and friendly. A client to me, for example, have a business notions store. When he was maintaining its own store, there are so many customers. But, when the servants are to maintain a store, customers began to wane. Asked after the customers, the average of them said that the employees are not so friendly in serving our customers become reluctant to come to the store. Of course you do not want this happen to your business right?

3. Promotions
Terms of promotion is often forgotten by those who are opening a business, or not infrequently, promotional removed when business activities are in the doldrums. The reason, no refund. In fact, promotion of any business should be to stop in time.

When a campaign stop for a long time, people can forget on your business. But if you always do the campaign on a regular basis, people will always remember in your business. Promotion of continuous always good impact on your business. If the sluggishness of the overall befall you and your competitors, keep promoted. Maybe you should sacrifice a bit first, because the minimum income while expenses continue to campaign there. However, I believe that if the sluggishness of the economy on the factors, then a condition when will recover.

Now, when conditions began to recover, people began to return the goods and services, it is time you will reap the results. People will buy from you, because you are remembered because you are the most diligent promotion. Imagine if you do not make promotion, the bad condition, you can even already bankrupt. Well, how?

Starting from Home Business
If you are interested in opening a business, why do not you try to run it from home? Yes, start a business from home can be very useful, but of course it must be adjusted to your home conditions and the nature of your business. Of course, the assessment for the best two things this is in the hands of you as the prospective entrepreneurs. When both are not possible to start a business from home, do not be forced. However, if the business allows you to run from the house will be very good because you will get various benefits.

Opening a business in the home allows us to take the time to the family. With the launch business from home, we can have more time to do the work home. Therefore, if you are a woman, start a business from home is very appropriate for you who want to keep the power as queen feminize your house at a time can work to earn money. Starting a business from home is also a significant savings that, as with the start at home business, you need to reduce costs for renting or buying a business. Well, if you want to run a business from home, do not forget to inform and complicated relations with both neighbors and local officials. This is important for the security of your business, and also so that people know about your business, who know they can even be your customers.
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