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Monday, April 27, 2009

Needs Vs Desire

Be careful if you can not distinguish between needs and desires. Because if you can not distinguish which is the entrance as the demand and which are actually entered as the desire, you can-can be a wasteful person.

And this can be a spendthrift mother in your financial problems. With lavish living, long run deficit can occur. Your income is not more able to finance the expenditure, which continues to expand because of the nature wasteful. And if the deficit is, often find a way out of the debt that is short. Debt, especially the flowers, can make you bankrupt. And the wall is the end of your financial fate.

Because can not distinguish between needs and desires, then the ringannya you can not remove the money to buy a few things. But that money may be more useful if it were used for the other.

Can not distinguish between wants and needs can also make you can not determine whether the priority in their spending. In fact, you could be sacrificing a need to get what you want.

What is the difference between needs and desires?

In fact there is no limit to determine the exact differences between the needs or desires. But as a guide, seroang friends gave me the following definitions:

Needs are things that are required so that people can achieve prosperity, so that when there is a need not fulfilled then the people will not feel safe or less safe. Can be said that the requirement is a matter that must, because without it our lives to be prosperous, or at least not less prosperous.

While the desire is something extra on the expected demand can be met so that these people feel more satisfied. However, if the desire is not fulfilled then welfare is not reduced.

That if we see in terms of satisfaction or welfare of someone. But the welfare and satisfaction is also very relative for each person. While I think that alone to distinguish between needs and desires, should be seen in terms of its function. Saying something as if the desire is already up to its main function.

A simple example, needs to eat is not terelakan. Not only human, every living creature that needs food. Eating akan provide energy and health for people, the food is nutritious food that needs all of us.

Food has the function as the main source of energy for the body. Meanwhile, provide a sense of good is a function of additional food. So tasty food is the desire, not need. But it does not mean can not eat food that tasty-tasty. But first we need to consider whether the expenditure for food was tasty akan compromising the needs of the other or not.

Other examples. Dressed is the need to protect us from the weather. Clothing also serves to keep the genitals musti our guard. For some people it may be required to dress for a certain type of kepantasannya, such as a jacket or tie. But do need to wear clothing that is expensive and bermerk? I think bermerk clothes and not the more expensive needs, but desire only.

Also needs home, where we live and shelter. So that the home can work well, also headed home with a variety of household equipment such as televisions, refrigerators, and other furniture. Every instrument and furniture that has a function of each. During that used in accordance with its function, it is needed. But if used to "show off", just show the neighbors that we are able to buy such as they. I think it needs no more, it's only desire. And desires such as this should not dituruti.

Standard needs and desires for each person can be so different. Of course, very dependent of environmental conditions, daily activities, work demands / profession, and so forth.

For some people, the car is already needed. To be able to support the many activities outside the home and often traveling, the car is a means of transportation that needs to be. If the car is for transport, where we bring akan pergi.

But often we have the desire to increase the range of aksesories car, not to increase the comfort or security drive, but simply enhance appearance only. I think it needs is not, it just wants it. And this desire can be delayed if all the other needs are met well.

Moreover, have some type of car, but we can only use one. I think it's clear desires, is not needed.

If we are able to distinguish where the needs and desires which we can determine the priorities, which take precedence, and which can be delayed.

No one really we meet our desire for one-time meal in a restaurant to celebrate something, or install a car accessory to be more secure and comfortable. But remember, do not give up until it iu that we need other, more important.

Although you may now feel able to satisfy all your desires, but we must remain prudent, do not forget to akan needs in the future. We must prepare for pension funds so that we can enjoy the peaceful old days, we must also prepare for the funding of education our children, and that all the needs of the future is to be prepared now.

Should remember is, do not satisfy the desire to ignore the needs. And do not forget that until the needs of all musti not come now, because there still needs to be fulfilled in the future. Meanwhile, the human desire will never be a limit, now or later.

So, make what you desire to meet current needs, but the expense of you and your family in the future.
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