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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tips to Compete for Your Business

Interestingly, if you note, is the Music Group, previously known Peterpan already has several albums, Ello own new publicly known when he sing a song titled Pergi Untuk Kembali. This, is, old songs, and incidental songs were created by his father. A surprise, songs Ello others we have never heard on the radio-radio. Even in the TV also does not. Many people said that Ello lucky, the songs are the first direct ngetop and became hits. The question is simple: How can? Yes, I can, so come Ello direct competitors-conquering competitors? Answer me a simple, Mr. Mother: "Because Ello is different..."

Yes, Ello have a unique voice. May be spelled out, like a voice Roselle Nava. But that distinguish Ello Glenn than with sound, of course, physical. Color of their skin is different, also different body postures, and even the hair is different.

What I mean told about Ello? Bu it simple. Maybe not once or twice you think to open a business. Whether the small shop, shop, beauty shop, eating places, mail-delivery service bureau, laundry, or anything that. However, although want to open, the capital, I have, but his brave, isn’t he?. Why? Because what you fear is often used to see similar efforts that have been established first. Yes, right?

Take an example if you would like to open beauty center. You often think: "Wow, two blocks from here there is another beauty center. Practice, again. If I open beauty center also desperate, so I can conduct?". LOL. Yes, is not it, that's your mind?

Mothers, I just want to say that the competition is healthy. That's good. Why? Because of the competition will generally make the parties will compete to improve the quality of the self so that they each will usually also increase. Now the problem, how can you open a business field that is first opened by other players.

Bu Be different! For example, if you want to open the beauty center two blocks from the house you already have first beauty center that behavior, try to see who's beauty center market that is already there? For instance, the beauty center is first established that the beauty center is the mother encompass many of the houses around where you live. If you come there, the tabloids have usually there is a Tabloid NOVA. His waiting chairs and tables are also chairs and tables are designed so that the mothers who come can sit comfortably and chat each other to one another. Cable TV is also installed the preferred young mothers. Her beauty center most workers are also mothers, so that the chat with the customer so linking.

Well, if you open a beauty center with the same concept, what happens? Are you sure some customers will run the previous beauty center to you? That is, is not it, hope you?

While not necessarily the Bu. Mothers that would like you: "Hmm ... have 2 beauty center near-similar ... ... it looks like more, please, a new beauty center that seems really cheap .... but I, I, already have a subscription, already know better, to my regular beauty center only. I’m lazy to trying again. Not necessarily appropriate. "

I understand the purpose. A customer, when she saw the two businesses located near and has the same concept, he will usually come to the business that he's more 'experienced'. It’s more original. Yes, right?

How to continue if you want to open the beauty center two blocks from your existing beauty center for other mothers who have prior behavior? I do not open beauty center for mothers. Have a different concept. Example: open beauty center for young people. For children high school. With a different, you will be better known because of the differences you.

Why? Yes clearly, which the beauty center for more young people in your area? But you, eh? No more. With a different, it's easier for your business known to people. If people already know your business, the more likely your business is more in demand.

Lo, hold, and what the concept of the right beauty center for young people? Place may be colorful. Play songs that are young people like. Once again the father of the mother, never mimic the concept of success is first because you only want to replicate the success. Can mimic the success, but never replicate the concept, especially if your business must fight together so that clients or customers. Have a different concept.

So, never afraid to compete. One of the tricks is to have a different concept. So, what are you waiting for? Open a business right now and be different.
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