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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Buy Your Dream

Do you see someone who appears normal work-usual course, but have what he wants? While you have the dream house is still in pretty illusion. Or cars that you want to buy still out of reach.

Instead, what you see someone who huge incomes but the salary always exhausted. He may be a manager at a large company or a director of the company, but his life just so-so, if it does not want to say so.

Things like that can happen. Yes, I understand that probably most of you think that high income you have now will ensure your prosperity. But no one know how many people who have high earnings are still not able to save and improve lives can not. Instead, many are also ordinary people who are career and have limited income, but can meet the needs of his life. You know what distinguishes them? Just one. Do your financial planning.

Mother's father, in financial planning, especially in relation to the family finances, plainly there are only two important things you should know. What is? First is how to make money and the second, How to manage earnings.

1. How Do I Keep Up My Income
Sometimes I hate to see many people who ask me, "How to manage your salary enough to pay me to have three children with debt repayments and this is? Because I seem too extravagant ..." After I see, the problem turns out he was not located in the expenditure is too large, but because income is too small. He does not feel it necessary to seek other sources of revenue, and even only sit against the revenue gained.

Mother's father, the first thing you should know about financial planning to learn how to earn money. So you need not continue to blame the size of the expenditure as a cause of your financial problems you. This is often because the cause of the emergence of financial problems is not on the amount of your expenses, but in your earnings is too small.

I am sure, some among you who may have also said that the revenue obtained is not important. More important is how to manage earnings. Is correct, but if you earn too little income I do not blame anyone. Maybe it's time you started already find another source of income. Maybe by opening your own business, or sell the sewing skills you have. It is important; maintain your knowledge about how to obtain revenue. Thus, you do not continue to blame you a big expenses, even though you do not actually spend a large-very large.

2. How to Manage Your Income

After earning, the second thing you should do is to learn how to manage earnings. This is important because I often see many people who have a large income, but incomes did not feel like just because it always runs out. It is very important for you to know how to manage the revenue that you get. Do not until you get the money - the big or small - just so exhausted to pay for expenses that are not necessary.

Then, what you can do in learning how to manage the revenue that you get? Clearly, you will need to make priorities of expenditure that you consider most important to the expenditure that is not too important. Do not forget to go before the needs of the desire, and also warning items of expenditure which has the potential to be great, if not guarded well. Hopefully in ways like that, you can be more successful in managing your finances. And you can realize your dreams.
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