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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Extra Saving for Woman

Who says women do not need saving? Now women are not pitching his life to the men. Indeed has become the duty of men to provide support to women, it is a condition that we ideally like. If women have not married, the parents who are responsible for her.If he is married, the husband who took over the duties. And if it is in conditions where there is no immediate family who can bear her, then the state that should be responsible for it.

But unfortunately, ideal conditions are likely still in the framework of the theory, not yet fully practice. Efforts to realize the things we strived to be as much as possible, but the fact also can not be denied that there are still many women who are forced to bear alone the burden of his life. Not even a few of them bear the burden family.

If we see such as the fact that, where women must bear the burden of his life alone, she would need more savings for men. There are more age women, health care costs higher, and salaries are lower.

Statistics show that the average age of women is longer than men. If it be, man's oldest record also held by more femininity. This means that more women have a period of a longer retirement than men. If a man and woman together in the retirement age and the same with the standard cost of living the same, then the earlier women need more retirement funds than men.

In addition to a longer age, the statistics also demonstrate that women have condition more vulnerable to illness. This was the value of differences in health insurance premiums between a woman and for men. Try to compare your health insurance premium table, the premium for women than the more expensive insurance premiums for men. This became one of the evidence that indicates that the cost of health women greater than men.

Another One reason is because women usually get a smaller salary than men for the same position. This is already commonplace in any country. Man salaries are relatively high compared with the salaries of women. This is certainly reasonable because only men get the benefit of families in which the salary is take home for the entire family. While women do not get where her salary family allowance is additional to the family and family support is not considered the others.

From these three things, at least, we can value that women need that extra saving than men.

Behind all the more reason why women need to save, it is also offset by the fact that women have more reason to be more easily and more often in the lay.

First, women usually can be more organized and careful in financial problems if compared with men. Indeed, this assumption is only general and not necessarily applies to every woman. But the evidence we can easily see on the job in the newspaper. If that opportunity to the financial position or accountant, most of the job over to prioritize women's, or even only accept women only.

Because women are considered more organized and careful in managing the finances, she can also be considered to be easier to save in. Most people fail to save because usually not be able to manage financially on a regular basis. There is no planning and careful in not shopping. Isn’t planning a long-term, create a monthly budget may not be alone.

In addition, the salary taken home by a woman will usually be no more than intact males. Not only because of clever but because it is managed only for the additional family.Usually this is felt, if he is still single or have not waffle. Although already married, sometimes still occur as well. This is usually we know the "money husband wife money, money is the wife of his wife." If it would have been so much easier for the wife to be able to save with than her husband.

Moreover, the case is heritage. Even though women get only half as compared with men, but the inheritance is only half the portion for himself only. There is no obligation for them to give to the husband or to her children. Different case with men, even though times can be 2-fold from the women, but has order to support his wife and children. Of course, the larger portion for themselves than two portions for the busy.
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