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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Children Financial Intelligence

In all things related to money, the coverage of a child not to think of adults. What's important to you, not necessarily important to them they do not always agree, also make mistakes in managing money are things that you will face in the process of teaching money management in children. However, not the way our children learn about money the same ways we learn about money are also other things that are very important in this life. That is the step after step to make the little mistakes and the consequences.

Therefore forcing the logical thinking adult less precisely applied to the children. This means if you want to teach children the value of money, put yourself first on their position. Three of the following approaches, hopefully you can help raise the financial acumen to your child

Saving with Happiness

Parents are often aware of force without the children to save. Each time they have obtained more money from the grandmother, uncle, aunt or even your own, without realizing you forbid them to use. Can you imagine what horrid the children if they use the money freely and cause problems when they are not supervised? This causes the command to save the parents of children perceived by even more as a prison where parents withhold money belonging to the children so that they can not be used.

Activities are activities that are intended for a future result. Money not used to save the results now, but a later time. Create adults of the future means that many years later, for example, base pay university fee. High child, buy a house or retirement preparation. Create children of the future when money is related with when 6 months longer be able to buy their own play station, 3 minutes longer hours to buy a new hand, or next month can go to a concert of music group. Children may be more motivated to save for this short libertine. Therefore, forcing the concept of saving for the future with the calculation of time for many years and then received will difficult children. Saving money with the goal of saving for a possible, make the children of the same course with no opportunity to use the money.

Parents should know that the future is a different child with you. Understand that time is running more slowly for small children than for adults. Therefore the perception of the future for children is a time not too long, usually less than one year, for the time period for the future of children is much shorter than adults.

Saving will not have meaning, unless done with the volunteer. If parents automatically confiscate the money of children, whether it be money or gifts of money and pocket to savings or to the bank, your child will not be considered part of it there own, especially if your goal is to save money to pay for school expenses or for other children are still far ahead.

As our own parents did not think to save ourselves as a form of punishment. We will make sure to save our lives better and the result will be that we enjoy. If we sacrifice a little of this time, we believe that the time is estimated, we will be able to buy a better car, move to a bigger house, send our children to college favorite, or early retirement. In other words, we put aside for selfish reasons. We spend less money now to spend more money in the future.

Therefore, to motivate the children that want to learn to save, so they need a selfish reason that makes sense for them. To be interesting for children, must be able to make saving children lives better and can achieve financial goals, just as you feel. Benefits can also be felt at the time that children have a reasonable, instead of being as far as possible to the future that does not exist in the natural mind of children.

Taking the concept of freedom of decision

Children need to control their own money. Why? Because if the money they spend is not really belong to them, children have no reason to consider how the force to lose it. Children often ask their parents whine buy something he does not care about marks and less responsible with money from his parents, and for what they are responsible, yet it is not their money? However, children are very careful to spend money in their own. Not mean that all is allowed. During the behavior in the limit allowed, the child should be allowed to take their own decisions and you may be able to offer advice based on experience of the decision. Children who do not have control over their own money do not have a reason to not ask for money and will soon throw the money they get.

Control over the money of their force against children and consider their desire that reality. This is also exempt from the obligation of parents is always the role of judge and advise in the family's financial problems. If your child would like to buy toys, he does not need to convince you that your purchase is useful, but he must convince himself. And if he decided to ask you, you know he will fair enough. So the question must be your child is not "How do I coax you to pay for this toy?

Concept Parents as Example

The water stream falls to the cesspool, then a child so her parents too. A child is reflection of the nature of toxicity and their parents, almost like a copy or photocopy. So do the things that match what you teach to your children, not the reverse. Teach you to cut corners, but even your own spendthrift. In fact every day we have been taught about money in the child. We teach them money every time the budget penetration, appear happy or sad each time you return home work, pay credit card bills on time or accumulate debt to swell. During infancy, subjects are given without realizing that this often leaves the impression more profound than anything we say to them. Therefore the best way for money to teach children is to live where the money is used appropriately and always provide a good example of the use of money.
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