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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Three Ways to Get Money

There are three ways to get money:

1. Work. You can get money in a way to work, whether it works on other people, or open their own business. With work on other people, then the money you get is usually in the form of salary. With the opening of its own, the money that you can usually get larger than when you work on other people.

2. Inheritance or Gift. How to find the next money is to someone, such as from parents or your partner. In addition, money also can you get from other people in the form of gift or giving.

3. Investment. Third way to get money is to invest the money I already have on you at this time. When you make a deposit with the investment, then you will get the money in the form of deposit interest rates. If you buy shares in a certain price and sell it again with a higher price, then you will get money from the difference between selling price and the price.
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