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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Many Your Credit Card

Open your wallet, note carefully, how many credit cards you have? I had a little peek credit card owned by a mother at the checkout one hypermarket in Jakarta, I was upset, the mothers have at least 6 units credit card debit card outside.

How do I know? It may answer your questions. Easy, try to see. Credit card companies from the same publisher, often have the same style, and generally come from the same company network that is also a Master and Visa. Tell the mother that I have now been on 3 pairs of cards of the same type; means he has at least 3 pairs of output card visa and master. Easy huh?

Own Credit Card

Must be recognized that at this time have a credit card is not something extraordinary. You try to run one of the shopping center, and then you will find a lot of credit card ownership bid. The terms more easily and more people may also have them all. Basically have a credit card it is important. Moreover, the possibility not all transactions conducted in cash. For we all also know, how safe is not at this time when a large amount of money. Not with the number of crimes the "smart" as counterfeiting money. Besides safety, the transaction is digital and not directly with the physical money are also more sparingly. Why? How to deal with the digital before we can make to pay bills in accordance with that listed in the cashier's table. For at this time do not wonder if the price of goods after a transaction to be "bizarre". For example you buy perfume at US$ 150 and after the discount, and additional tax and the other to be at US$ 127. Imagine how difficult it is worth the money to set up above.

Whatever the form of a credit card, the function is basically the same, namely to provide a facility to use our rights and obligations and then run. And it again, that obligation can be paid in gradually. But, of course, subject to compensation in form of flowers.

So if we know its function, then we should be able to use the smart card is the use if you already have the money; means before using make sure you have the money to pay for them. Example only when you have a deposit ready to be melted when the bill comes. Both uses when you believe you can pay. For example, your salary should be enough to pay for them, payment or project specific work with some of the funds used for payment cards and so forth. So if you have friction card, make sure the card payments as a priority. Do not just 10%, that can be settled or at least 30% of it.

Purposes and how large

we have discussed what should we do with our card. And we also know that was basically a credit card that provides the same facility that is not additional money. If so use the money to have it or believe that there will be money to pay for them at least 30%.

So therefore, we know that the usage is pay obligations to us. So my suggestion to use it. Pay that is all we need. So if you need payment with just one card NDA issue. This means using only 1 card for shopping, paying bills, insurance, reserve fund, and so forth. But if you feel that you need more than just 1 card for transactions such as your credit card for shopping A, B, to the credit card bill-payment charges, credit card C to the payment of insurance, and credit card for back-up D and so on, then you can also do. But just remind me, the more cards you will be the greater burden of administrative costs should be, and of course will also create a greater temptation to use them.

So how much do we should have a credit card?

Once again there is no definitive figure. But if I can give advice, have a maximum of 3 cards is: One card is used as facilities for shopping and consumption needs (for example, to a monthly expenditure, the purchase of consumer goods etc).

One card is used for routine bill obligations of the cost and investment / protection (for example, to pay electricity, PAM, internet, phone etc.).

One card is used for the facility means the reserve fund as a means of payment before your funds can be disbursed from the deposit.

So just 3, not more.
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