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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reduce Cost Marriage

Marriage is a moment that will live as long as someone still alive. How not, marriage brings together two people into one family. Marriage also connects between the two families at a big brother.

But it does not mean all financial resources of the spent only for a wedding only. Because many of the others after that priority should be. Like to buy their own homes and vehicles, and fund children's education course later. That need to be feared by someone who is not ready to marry cost for the event, but after that the cost of living to be independent.

To be able to get a beautiful wedding moments, not to be done with ease. The trick is to anticipate some of the factors greatly determine the size of the fee is required.

At home or rent a building?

If it does not want to be bothered, it would be better if the wedding held in the building only. But of course there will be consequences in terms of cost. Namely the existence of expenditure items to pay for the rental building. So be it the price to rent a building can be a primary consideration in selecting the building that will be used. Do not leave your wedding budget take to rent out the building, because there are many other expenses that are not less magnitude.

But do not felt with the ad cost to rent a cheap building, first check what facilities are included in the price. What is included and the other seats. And if there is additional licensing, electricity and so forth. And remember, the cost will be issued not only to rent a building only but also to supporting facilities such as catering, decor, documentation and so forth. You would not want to be asked to use the catering or decorations from the partnership building. Of course the price will be more expensive compared to prices outside, so the manager can install building standard price is relatively cheap to rent but the building determine the price that is quite expensive for the catering. So to compare which one is cheaper; count the cost of rental, catering, decorations and other additional costs as well.

In addition, also look at building's capacity of course you do not want your guests milling because gedungnya too small. Select the building that could accommodate the invitation of the planned, but do not also select the building that is too large. In addition to cost more expensive, the program seemed to be quiet because the room looks empty. Not only the size the room to be seen, also look capacity where possible parked area not to the surrounding environment. Survey and immediately see how much about seating capacity, people standing.

With a limited budget, will be more economical to the wedding events in the house alone. Indeed, it you will be more difficult, but can also be sizable large. Instead of determining the place could be at home or in the building is the first factor that determines the large or not cost is required. Especially if you have a large family can be happy to help, why not ask for help only to them. I believe they will not object to. Even their happiness will be also able to participate in your wedding.

Number of Invitation

In addition to the building, the two factors most important to determine the size of the cost is the number of wedding guests was invited. Not only the cost of printing invitations is calculated, the number of invited guests who will also affect the capacity building should be rented, the number of meals ordered etc. It may not hold a small party while you only invite so many people. And also become redundant when the big event only to a few people was invited.

Wedding program not only the pair, but also events for the second family. Do not forget to calculate the amount to be invited by the groom, bride, both families.Make sure you have a prior estimate of the number of invitations to print invitations and book building. It's better if the name list has been prepared.

Wedding Organizer

Sometimes to set up its own technical weddings will spend more time and attention. In fact, many other things that needs to be prepared the day H. And of course will be making more if the committee has never been a wedding before.

If you want practical, you can use the service wedding organizer. Not only events in the building only, wedding organizer can also help you prepare for the weddings held in the house.

Indeed, there will be additional terms of the cost, but if the work they can do much to help you, why it's not out more money for something that is valuable. And not possible if the total cost must be paid for it can be savings. Because they are more experienced, so they may already have a subscription that can provide discounts or have a concept of decorating a good but not expensive.

More practical system with the package

Some of you may be planning a wedding with a budget limitation. That is, you do not want a headache, dizziness calculate the cost per item must be removed, such as invitations, decorations, buildings, catering, and so forth.

Same as when ordering food at fast food restaurants, choose the menu of a headache; just select the package that already exists. Which provides the package system is usually in addition to wedding organizer and the hotel also manages the building. The price also varies, from 5 million to the simple to the hundreds of millions of rupee also there.

You can select the packages that have been fixed price. Or can also package per person. For packages that have fixed price, you can choose according to budget limitations, but of course must be willing to restrict the invitations in accordance with the packet. While for the package per person, you can better determine how flexible the guests will be invited. While for the package per person, you can better determine how flexible the guests will be invited.

Tips Reduce Cost of Marriage:

1. Destination weddings in the building is to get a room big enough to accommodate all the guests and does not prepare them occupied. There is no need of building a highly strategic location so that guests easily reach them, because the guests are already intend to come wherever located. To save the cost of the building, its location may not need at edge of the main road, which is searchable and easy access to good roads. No building is also seen as luxury will be decorated later also. It is important to accommodate all guests who attend. Even if can, select the building that is not commercial, in the sense not rented specifically for a particular event. You may never attend a wedding in the mosque, the building of sports, or may be in the hall of her home environment. I think not apply commercial rates to the event. Even if have to pay the rent, you are not required to choose the decorations and catering manager of the partnership more expensive fare.
2. In the home can more beautiful wedding event that either should not be in a luxury, their own home can become a place beautiful event. Remember, the first factor that affects large or small the cost is the place. Wedding at home can save a lot of expenditure items such as rent for the place and catering. Even in the home can more beautiful, live how we organize it. If a page area, you can install a closed tent that can accommodate many guests. Indeed be more expensive than regular tents that are open, of course, but still cheaper than renting the building.
3. Wisely choose invitation second factor that determines the large or small wedding cost is the number of invitations. If you are limited by quota and the number of invitations, choose well who will be invited. Start from the nearest, then the remote. Can be close in meaning and close relationship in the sense of place. If you hold the akad nikah and reception are separated, this can be tactic many invited guests. Invite relatives, neighbors and friends in the surrounding environment for the akad nikah ceremony was held in the house. Meanwhile, the rest who do not live close to the house can be invited to attend the wedding party in the building.
4. Varity serves food No need to book many more-food, which is varied. Rather than put too much food in the main buffet table. Will better place to make a lot of food small separate dishes with different. In addition to the queue, the invitation will not feel the food runs out because many variation dishes.
5. Although discount can still choose your package price, no hesitate to ask for discounts. Or when ordering catering, although the price is clearly listed in the brochure, does not mean can not discount. Negotiations with the manager only to be the catering discount. And note with some good credibility of the manager, because you can not exactly determine whether the portion of the food in accordance with the order.
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