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Friday, May 15, 2009

Keep Your Holiday When Economy Crisis Attack

Happiness, school holidays have arrived. For children, after many months with various home works, tasks, and stack books, this is the time to play and refresh the brain, before the new school year begins. For parents, they are busy every day in the office will bring with them pay children holiday.

But, what about this year? The increase in food prices, fuel, prices and other impacts of a poor family. The problem is, whether the holiday has long designed and is to be canceled?

If wise, the holidays can still be done.For that there are some steps that we can of the.

First, make vacation needs as primary. With all the difficulties at this time, try to make the holidays as primary needs. That is, the holidays must be signed in household expenditure in the budget each year.

Generally designed carefully and not simply rely on the money for a holiday potluck. For, if not sufficient, a shortcut those families are reducing investment in the more urgent. Or even go lose debt as a way out.

After agreed to post for a special holiday, it's time to enter the second step, which is a priority for expenditure. Time we analyze the priority that must be prepared to establish the bank account is a holiday. Many people save money, but did not know how much savings target to be achieved.

To make the list of priorities before deciding to save for holiday purposes. Make sure the amount of each post so that the target has a picture that would be achieved. Here are some expenditure items based on order of priority.

* Cost of transportation
Post the first to be prepared is transportation. Indeed a part of large family would say that the cost of transportation has definitely prepared. But the next question, whether the preparation is going home include? Same as other expenses, without the elimination of early, believe that money is likely to be out certain very large. Separate transportation with other money, and leave the parties concerned are responsible with it. For example if the mother holds all funds holiday, let the father or the eldest hold the money so that transportation is not easy to use.

* Cost of accommodation and meals (consumption)
Have plans ranging from the most delicious and most do not feel. In the cost, which is not good when spending a larger than planned. So if your plans have not succeeded to get the accommodation that is planned so that more funds were forced to remove the accommodation for the more expensive. Indeed that takes into account a combination of eating places to be visited. Remember that eating is the most flexible. Depends on how we want to enjoy them.
If possible do not have one "booking" accommodation far since days. In addition to cheaper, we are forced to decide wisely how long we will be on holiday.

* Cost of unexpected
Eh, this is not cost free means that you can use one wish. Cost prepared when unexpected things happen that are not desired during the holidays such as accidents, ill family members, and so forth. Funds are also useful as initial funding for life after our return to the city of origin. For often when the family returned from vacation, the atmosphere has not changed, so still need to eat outside, and so forth. So keep in mind, if these funds are not used, must remain intact until the return to the home. Not additional spending holidays or unexpected expenses. Fee can also be prepared using the insurance protection so does not be reluctant to take.

* Cost of shopping
after the main cost is prepared; do not forget to prepare the cost of shopping. This is a fund that will use you and your family to spend including fees that are required for entry to the location of the tour. Add 15% of the funds to prepare for the cost.Because always happen when we are spending our children or want of food and beverages. Should not mix money for food and shopping with this money to eat a post set up in line?

* Fee By-by
do not forget to also post this one cost. This is the end you should prepare. Holiday without by-by seem trite. Make this the end of the holiday. Do not attract to release it in early. Usually we like to buy of various handicraft or special food for friends or relatives nearby. Of course the fruit of this is not mandatory. So if there are other costs on top is not enough, the cost of this by-by you should barbershop.
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