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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Internet Marketing Business

I want to ask the internet marketing business, how their systems work and how the law in Islam vision? Thank you for the answer


If I see from the term, I think the widespread internet marketing is a method to market through the internet network. But if we see a lot lately that offers internet marketing as a business opportunity, this may tend to be more similar to MLM or network marketing via the internet.

Product itself can be anything, or even sometimes also does not have the product at all so it can be said as a money game. Or there is the conventional MLM but also marketing and recruitment via the internet. This can also still refer to as the internet marketing.

So to assess how the legal system needs to first see what businesses. If the definition of internet marketing is selling the goods marketed through the Internet, I do not think there is a problem with this. However, if the MLM system is done via the internet, I like the legal MLM. Meanwhile, if there is not only the goods and deposit the money only, this is clear and legal money game unlawful. If you get a quote like this business, it's good to ask for explanations until the detail from your prospect. If the explanation does not make you understand the system work, benefits and risk, although the offer to leave only a great benefit. But if the explanation makes sense to you and you also understand well what the positive and negative, I think you can decide.
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