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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Introduction with Stocks (part 2)

In practice, each day there are a lot of people sell or buy shares. Sale and purchase transactions, but this can not in any place. Regulations require that, the sale and purchase of shares must be made in a special place called the stock. Bursa is approximately synonymous with the market, when the sellers and buyers meet.

Stock exchanges are called stocks, or in Indonesia, better known by the name of securities exchange (in the English Dictionary, is the effect of securities). What is called the exchange effect? This is because in exchange we not only sell or buy shares, but also securities other than shares (we will study in the future).

In Indonesia, the Stock Exchange is concentrated in Jakarta, and is located in a building called Building BEJ (Jakarta Stock Exchange). Jakarta Stock Exchange Building itself has a lot of office space is rented, so there is not only exchanges.

Those who share these stocks called investors (capitalist). Whether investors who want to buy or sell shares need to come directly to the Stock Exchange to be able to deal? No. In practice, investors simply use the services of brokers called the broker. BEJ have in many companies that operate service broker. They became members BEJ.

Benefits of using the service broker is no matter where you are in Indonesia, you can still call the company and give your Broker to sell or buy order, so that your broker is doing the sale and purchase transaction for you. Your own as investors do not need to know from you where investors buy shares you. Similarly to the investor where you sell your shares. This is because investors have to use the service broker, and the broker who meet each other.

Use Broker Services

What is the minimum number of transactions in the stock purchase? Some companies require that your broker to buy stocks with at least a certain amount. If you want to buy below the minimum amount, the broker will not execute your order transaction.

Therefore, to facilitate the purchase transaction with the minimum amount, BEJ put at least a certain amount, called a lot. One lot is the same as the 500 shares. Special for stock banks, one lot with the same 100 shares. So you can count the self, when you drill shares worth Rp 2000 for example, then this means you must make at least Rp 10 million. If the stock is stock-stock banks, the minimum transaction Rp 2 million.

Once again, not all companies require that your broker to buy with the amount of at least one lot. There are also exceptions that can be purchased under this amount. This is known as the term odd lot.

You can buy shares with the company to come to a broker. This company is usually called a "mediator company traders effects." Yellow pages in the User's Guide Telephone (yellow pages), you can find companies like this in the broker said. There are many brokers to be members of the Jakarta Stock Exchange at the moment. So make sure you select good broker.

What should you do if you want to buy shares? Usually this is to open an account in the company's broker and enter a certain amount of money. Money that is later to be used by your broker to make stock. So don’t use to buy new shares the love of your money back.

Classified Risk Level

Please note that by buying stocks, this means you are buying ownership of a company. The difference with having your own company, in this case you buy that business ownership is already running. You need not trouble to establish a new business in the form of PT, for example, because you buy a PT is run and operated.

You may ask, from where I know companies that are already running a blessing or loss? The answer: from the Financial Report is published regularly by the company. And financial reports are to be examined by an independent accountant who have license.

Investment in stocks is also risky. You buy a stock that can be decreased. This is not all that makes people want to invest in shares. We often hear there are people who lose millions of rupiah, but there are also people who have experienced the benefits millions of rupiah. And that does not make all people want to invest in shares.

So actually, the risk in buying shares in BEJ with the same risk if you establish a new business, that you have the possibility to benefit, the same amount of experience with the potential loss.

However, do not be afraid, because the stock already in BEJ is classified in grade level based on risk. Start from the stock risk loss indeed small but the benefits are also small, share-share until the risk loss and big possibility but there is also great. Ask the research / analyst in the company of your stock broker-shares are classified into the classification-classification. Oh yes, not all companies have the research broker / analyst. So make sure you have the company's broker section.

Once again, the risk of stock investment is the same with the fact that you establish a new business, that you have the possibility to benefit, the same amount of experience with the potential loss.

Show no pity so do not: if you do not know what risks you face, you surely will not dare to invest in shares. The purpose of this paper is to identify your investment stock, so with so you can make the stock as an alternative investment.
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