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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Additional Income

Why do you need additional income? As I have said before (and I often re-examine), that one of the key financial welfare in the family actually is not in how much you earn, but how you manage your income is. Whatever the size of the earnings in your family, if you can not manage it well, then welfare will not be able to achieve.

However, if you should not need to add income in your family? Not as well. Earnings are a large family does not guarantee that you can achieve financial prosperity, but of a large family can help you reach your welfare. So once again, earning the big does not guarantee, but only help. Therefore, it would be better if you can increase your revenue sources.

There are several ways to increase revenue in your family:

1. Working as employee
2. Working with its expertise on
3. Running Side Business
4. Investing

Working for Employees

you can get additional income by working in a company. You can work as a secretary, employees of the bookkeeping, administration, or anything that. It is important, you get your salary. So if at this point you do not work and only your husband's work (as employees are also for example), then with now you also work as employees, then there will be two salary in your family.

Or, if for example at the moment you have to work as an employee, you may also be able to be employees in other places. So you get two salaries. A friend I work in a company from 9 am until 5 pm. Night while she also worked in a restaurant from 6 pm until 10 pm. He was getting two a month in salary.

What is the advantages and less to work as employees? Clear that, as employees are working well, because you come to live, work, and at the end of the month to get the salary. You only need to obey the rules work hours only.

Less, of course, that if you do not work, you will not get a salary. It's simple. That is why many people are aged 50 - 60 years old but still working as employees for fear of not getting the salary if he does not work.

Working with Self Relying Expertise

If you have any special skills, you can work and get a royalty from it. For example, if you can sing, you can sing at parties and get honor. Maybe you can teach? If you can teach, teach, and you can get the honor.

Working with their own must be working as employees. As your employees get a salary, whereas here you do not get salaries, but get the honor. Example those who work with the expertise and rely on the honor gain is generally the artist, architect or doctor, and that opened their own practices earn from the patient or client.

If you noticed, in fact almost every person has special skills or expertise that can be sold. The problem here is if you dare to make the expertise or skills that you have to be sold to the public?

Advantages working with on their own expertise are that you will get the revenue that is consistent with your skills. This means you will be more motivated to learn skills so that you will get paid more. If you do not work (absent), you will not get paid.

Running Side Business

Why do not you try to run a side business? You can open a shop or stall. You can open a service bureau to sell all kinds of services. May also a sewing business. Why do not you try it?

It is important here, the business side is a later time you can submit to management the child that you trust, so you do not need to continue to engage in a lifetime for you. Store for example. You may be able to open a store that sells goods daily needs. After a few months, you can submit a management right to the fruit your child (which you pay of course), so that you can be comfortable watching TV in the house but can still get the advantage of the store each month. This is the advantages of running your own business.

You may think that to be successful in business need capital money that is big enough. But you can not believe the success of a business often does not depend on the amount of your capital. Please look around you, there are many people who succeed in business with a capital of only a few. The most important thing here is the idea.

There are some businesses that require initial capital big enough, but also many businesses that do not require initial capital that is too large. The most important thing here is how you can "outsmart" the amount of money you have now that can be enough to run a business idea in your head. With running a business, you will automatically train to be more independent and to survive. That is to become one of the advantages of running your own business.


you has excess money? Why not just invest it? If you have a US$ 1,000 may be that you invest them. You will be able to interest and additional interest that you earn.

You do not have the goods that you use? Furniture, for example? Why do not you sell them and invest the money to buy gold, for example. After two-three years, that only the price of gold is rising. Nah, the difference between the price increases is additional revenue for you.

For you who are still single (do not have insurance) and living at home, why do not you just mortgage your home? Thus, you will get additional revenue from the rental income the house every month or every year. Or if your house is rather big, why do not you rent one of them two rooms? You will infusion of additional money, eh?

The Will is Important

Search for Additional Revenue actually not difficult. Important that you have the willpower. If you do not have the will to want to get additional revenue, so any way indicated to you that it is difficult you receive.

So, all started from the will. If you do not have the will, yes, you still like the situation now. But if you really want, you have 4 options to get additional revenue, such as the above. Please select which.
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