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Monday, June 01, 2009

Expand Your Business


I start a hand phone business in May 2004; this business is located in a plaza in the city of Malang with a monthly rent of 1.5 million per month. My capital was Rp 8 million. I run this business with my friend, with a capital distribution of each 50%. In the first month, the business is experiencing loss of Rp 1.4 million. Entering the second month that I can profit as much as Rp 1.5 million, gross income an average of Rp 4-5 million per month until the end of January the amount of capital in the form of cash money of Rp 13.5 million. At this time I have any desire to make a loan to the bank syariah.

I ask the question:

1. What is the term of the most effective for example if I make a loan of Rp 30 million, so that loans can be grown and not burdensome for my business?

2. How can a simple way so that the money business and money for personal use does not mix?

3. How secure is the interest rate for the business?

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Yanto, beyond words that you run a business that now bear fruit of success already. Only the capital of Rp 8 million, in just 2 months time just started a profit. Even now the form of capital is cash only grew to Rp 13.5 million. I hope your business can continue to develop in the future.

Before deciding to make a loan to the bank, I highly recommend that you plan the utilization of these funds. Rp 30 million loan will be used for anything. And how they affect your sales. For example, Rp 20 million will be used to add a second HP inventory so buyers more choice, and the remaining Rp 10 million to increase the inventory voucher to buy the wholesale price.

From there of course you will also have a sales estimate. With the increase in the second displayed HP, HP is expected to increase sales 2 times for example. And with adequate funds can expect to sell your voucher 3 times than usual. With this calculation you will be able to self about how omzet and increase profitability of your business if you get a loan capital Rp 30 million. However, if this plan does not exist, it should stop intention borrow capital. Because the capital to be useless and only your business will heavier with the cost of margin / interest should be paid to the bank.

By making the calculation as above, you can also out the how much the repayments themselves who are paid so that it can determine how long should this loan be repaid. While for the margin rate or interest rates, usually we have as consumers can not choose again, living alone receive the policy of the bank. And because the loan you plan only Rp 30 million, I do not recommend the bank, preferably to the BPR or the BPRS that specifically for small employers.

To separate the financial and personal finance business, just simple pack. Set the system that are agreed with your partner. So you both can not own one wishes to take advantage whenever and whatever, but must follow the agreed rules. For example, every month get a fixed salary, or percentage of omzet, and close the books each year and for profit. Of course, not everything is taken as a business you must continue to revolve.
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