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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Money Business Game

Some of us may never get the bid money gaming business. In fact, business is often good for those who just joined, but not well for those who join later. What and how the money game, can be found in the following article.

Mrs. Yeni is confuse. First, a friend just came to her house and offers a new business that seems to be quite interesting. With a paper, his friends describe how business can be run.

What is the business? "MLM," says a friend. Okay, MLM (multi level marketing). But here I do not have the product sold? That there is that Mrs. Yeni pay some of funds, after that, he must find two people to sponsored (two person maximum).

Later, with the help of Mrs. Yeni, both people need to be able to sponsor two more, and so on. After reaching a certain level, Mrs. Yeni will get some money, and "games" that are considered complete. If you want, Bu Yeni can participate again with the re-register and repeat the game again.

I seem interesting. Yes, the bid money is interesting. And it seems at any time until the money is interesting. But if later there is nothing I do? Example, the company running. Or can also go bankrupt as Gee Cosmos recently.

Please note that the only business that relies on recruitment of such a course (with no product being sold) is called Business pyramid. Sometimes, the business pyramid is also called the Business Money Game. In Indonesia, the business is commonly called the Business Money multiplication.

How do characteristics such business?

1. Companies that conduct business is usually said that the MLM business is business. Use of the term by MLM companies’ money game is usually because they do not want the business people so lazy if they join overt mention the name of game money.

Therefore, they usually call themselves MLM, even though their name is not listed in APLI (APLI is abbreviation of India Direct Sales Association, an association of one of its functions is to filter which companies are truly doing direct sales, either by using the system or MLM not).

If their names are listed in APLI, they are a pure MLM company. That is, sometimes the company's money like that game called the game company money impersonates MLM.

2. You will be asked to pay a number of funds that is only big enough to register only. The amount varies, but usually at least about US$ 40. Amount that actually can be quite large, given that the MLM company that usually only the sincere request that the size of the fee is usually not up to US$ 15 (that is not including products).

The low cost of registration on the MLM Company is that all people can have the same opportunity to be able to join. While in the company's money game, the high cost of registration is required because they must pay the bonus money for the people above you that you have first to join.

3. MLM Company in the sterling, the cost of registration can usually be reached, because of the bonus will be paid only on products that are sold, not the cost of registration.

4. Money game business does not usually have the products to be sold to consumers. But this actually is a key factor of an MLM business is pure. Therefore, in order to be seen as an MLM, some company money and create a game is usually the product to be sold. However, there is often a product that has sold quality and the quality of the normal-normal if it does not want to called-derived origin.

In the MLM company, there must be products that are sold (whether it be goods or services), and the product must have a good enough quality to compete in the market. The product is actually also a key factor of a company to be called as a MLM or not. If the business is offered to you does not have the product, quality or origin-derived products only, do not call it business as MLM. That's clearly money game.

5. Money gaming business often benefits only those people who first join. Meanwhile, those who join later are often merely get benefit, either the company go bankrupt, closed or flee, or because people who join later often can not have income greater than the people who joined first.

That is a business like this is also called the business pyramid. If the MLM company sincere, even if you join later, you can have the opportunity to earn far more than the people above you that you have to join first.

Now that’s up with your decision whether to join the money game business is offered to you or not. Want to come, nor does anything in Indonesia because there is no law that regulate the business like that. However, should you risk your own responsibility?
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