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Monday, June 08, 2009

My House is My Paradise

Who does not want to have their own home. We certainly have every desire to have their own home as a shelter when the rain and the rest in at night. Moreover, for those already married. Not complete it alive, if still ride him on the parents. Not make them get married with a family who own it should also stay at home. Even term life settle in part by any person defined as living together, at home, with conditions such as increased household.

Unfortunately, the price of houses in urban areas is a very expensive along with the rapid development of even up to the outskirts of the city. KPR cause this problem to be the choice which can not be bargained again. Most home purchases made using credit home ownership that is currently issued by many conventional banks.

Conventional bank is not the ideal solution for a Muslim, because it would not, even though the reason for an emergency, people with half a heart Islam must accept the fact that involvement with the loan flowering. With reality like this, seems to lead the people of Islam, especially for young family, have only two choices, compromising their idealism to live clean and take up the loan-bearing, or not at all have a home.

Although still limited, has no bank financing of housing syariah. Indeed, not many people know and it seems there is no Syariah bank that this incentive to market. However, this product may not be pre-eminent Syariah bank’s products. Because almost every family needs a home financing, and most families in Indonesia are Muslims who wish to remain Istiqomah certainly have a house in accordance with.

In practice, it may not be clearly visible differences with the usual KPR. The idea is customers can buy a house with installments to the bank. The difference is, in the conventional KPR, bank loans actually give money to a consumer. And with the money, consumers and developers to buy the house. While the syariah system, banks buy the home of developer and sell it back to consumers, consumers would pay for the house with the installments. Equally installments for a house, but the term quite different. Conventional loan contract using money that flowering or usury. While Syariah bank use of that.

Examples like this: Developer X build housing and sell it the price of Rp 100 million for the 36/80 type. Because they do not have the cash of Rp 100 million, consumer financing can make a house to Syariah bank Y can buy it in installments only. If the Bank approves Y syariah, the bank will buy the house from the developer at Rp 100 million. Bank and then sell them back to the customer the price of Rp 120 million. And consumers can be at home installments Rp 120 million in a period of 10 years (120 months) to pay the Rp 1 million per month. The same as the purchase of houses in general, will also have additional costs such as notary fees, taxes, BPHTB, assessment / appraisal, provision, administration and so forth depending on the policies of banks and developers. And to affirm commitment to customers, the bank can also ask consumers to pay down or (DP) at the beginning of the down payment.

Different contract, the consequences are of course different between the KPR conventional financing and the home of syariah bank. In the conventional KPR, transaction is a bank lends money to consumers, and consumers must return it with the debt and principal installments plus interest for a particular time period. In the middle of the road if interest rates rise, the repayments to be paid will also be increased in accordance with the increase in interest rates. Consumers must pay a more expensive plan from the beginning.

While the sale and purchase the term as Syariah bank, the price should be set at the beginning and can not be changed-in the middle of the road change. If the bank sells the house to the consumer the price of Rp 120 million, then the consumer is only required to pay Rp 120 million, irrespective of the increase in interest rates.

In accordance with the spirit of Islam in the sale and purchase of following the same principles like love, the selling price of the home bank to consumer satisfaction and the time period can actually be achieved until the bargaining agreement. But of course also have Syariah bank pricing policies and the time period alone.

In addition to the five banks, the financing of housing products are also available to sharia in the Syariah BNI, BII Syariah, Bank Syariah Bukopin and Bank Syariah Indonesia. So in total there are 9 Syariah bank which currently has a product in syariah financing of housing.

And the good news also came from the BTN is already known for this bank as the government most set funding for KPR. If there is no obstacle in the way, not long BTN will launch their branch. And they say also, KPR Syariah into their security products.

If the plan is realized, it is not unlikely that there will be lots of funds to help communities have heaven in the world without having to engage with usury.
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